Essence Qigong


Physical and mental health has long been an issue of concern in our society. People, while seeking medical attention, often pursue alternative solutions. Essence Qigong is a tool to carry along with you without any restraint of space and time.

Qigong in China has a history measured in thousands of years. Historically it was used to improve one's health and cure diseases. Essence Qigong was composed and developed by Teacher Chen Fuyin (He is addressed as Teacher Chen by his students). It absorbed classical Qigong and used modern sciences as a reference, along with some new elements to suit learning and practice in our modern times. The method is simple and safe, suitable for everyone regardless of age and gender. It helps to: improve one's health mentally and physically; prevent one from getting diseases; restore one's health; and prolong one's life. Some people have achieved the result of curing their illness through persisting with their practice.

In 1994 and 1996, by request of some organised groups of Americans, Teacher Chen gave lectures and taught Essence Qigong to them in Beijing, and he was subsequently invited to the USA in July, 1997-January, 1998. During that period of time, he was invited to 10 states including Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, Ohio, New York, etc. more than 10 cities to teach, lecture, and certify those who were qualified to be an instructor based on the request of some learners.

I started to follow my godfather Chen Fuyin in 1990. From 1999, I have been deeply involved in learning and the dissemination of Essence Qigong, including personal learning and guidance from Teacher Chen, as well as the full responsibility of translation for his individual American student's correspondence. All these years of learning and training have helped me obtain knowledge and ability from him, and I have been acknowledged as the inheritor of his Essence Qigong. I have been entrusted to disseminate Essence Qigong with the purpose of enhancing the physical and mental health of people. Currently, non-fixed scheduled classes and workshops of different sizes are held according to the number of participants and their requirements. The class or workshop is given by Teacher Chen or instructors holding the new 2013 certificate. Please click  here for more information about the contact details. For instructors who hold certificates issued before 2013 and want to renew their certificate, or for those who are interested in becoming an instructor, please contact Mrs Xiaoping Critchlow Lu for details.